Video & Film Transfer Services

Why would you put your legacy in a box? Our expert technicians do the work right here in our secure St. Petersburg facility. You never have to worry that your videotapes and 8mm films will be lost in shipping to and from some remote laboratory. Your memories are safe with us! We even have a 24-hour drop-box on our front door for your convenience. We have been your video professionals since 1982. Thank you for your many years of support!

Are you ready to turn your precious memories into .Mp4 or .Mov digital files, which you can easily share online with family and friends? Or if you prefer into DVDs. Perhaps, you already have DVD’s and are worried about their longevity, (and you should worry they crack, break and often will not play back after several years of storage) so we can also convert those to digital streaming files as well. It’s a very good idea to do so!

We accept ALL consumer video formats: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, BETAMAX, 8mm, Hi-8mm, D8mm, Mini DV and Mini DVD. We can also handle foreign formats like PAL and SECAM.

Video Transfer & Digital File(s) Services

* Video Transfers to DVD as low as $9.95 (under 30:00)

* Transfers to USB Digital Streaming files as low as $14.95 (under 30:00)

* 50ft. 8mm Film transfers as low as $14.95 (based on # of reels and footage)

All Work Done in Our Facility(s), usually less than 5-7 business days.

* These prices subject to minimum quantity requirements

Did you know that every time you watch and rewind your videotapes or films, you could actually be destroying them? The average life of videotape is 15 to 20 years depending on how often they were played. Film can disintegrate and often breaks in your projector. Even if you’re just keeping them but never watching them, they are degrading. This means your most precious family memories are literally fading away! Once your media is transferred you and your family can share the memories of baby’s first steps, weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and all the wonderful milestones of your lives again and again. Nothing is too old to transfers and we transfer and preserve these precious tapes and films successfully all day every day.

Don’t wait until it’s too late - bring your home 8mm films and videos in today!!! Along with videotape conversions, we also offer custom imprinting and long-term media storage and packaging solutions at minimal costs.


8mm Film Sample

VHS Video Sample

DV Digital Video Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to save my precious memories?

Currently the most popular is a USB “thumb drive” or “stick”. Also often referred to as a digital drive. Based on the capacity it can hold upward of 100 digital Mp4 or .Mov files of videos or films, plus thousands of photos and slides. These files can also be shared online with services like DropBox or short clips of the media extracted with many easy-to-use apps found on PC and Mac.

How do I use my USB “Thumb Drive”?

It will work on just about any computer PC or Mac.

It also works on many of the new “Smart” TVs.

It is very important however to make a backup onto your home computer or upload to a cloud storage service like those offered by Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Always store the tiny USB drive in a dry safe and secure place.

Can I still get DVD’s?

Sure. DVD’s are still popular with the “older” crowd, but they are not the best long-term storage solution. Any scratches, nicks or passage of time could render them unwatchable with no possible way to retrieve the precious data

If I already have DVD’s can you make those into digital files?

Definitely. And that’s a smart thing to do. Many of our customers bring in DVD’s for conversion to digital files. We also offer a FREE DVD when you order digital files from your original tapes or films. No other provider that we know of offers this great value.

Will my old videotapes degrade and become un-viewable?

It depends on storage conditions, age of tapes, and original camcorder speed. It can also be difficult to find or hookup an old VCR to play tapes back on, especially with newer smart TVs.

Once the transfer is done, are extra DVD copies expensive?

Not at all! At Florida Digital Studios we charge $4.95 per copy and often run specials. It is always good to have backups and copies for friends or family members. Florida Digital Studios also offers custom printing right on the DVD’s plus a variety of cases and albums for convenient storage.

Do I still get my original videotapes back and should I save them?

They are always returned. OK to discard if you have purchased the digital drive option.

If DVD’s break or crack over time will I lose everything?

You would, but by using Florida Digital Studios transfer service, you can request they use scratch and breakable resistant DVD media, or request additional copies, or transfer media to a hard drive.

Do I still get my original films back and should I save them

They are always returned. OK discard if you have backed up the footage to more than one device. In some cases we may take several of the small 50’ reels and combine them onto one larger reel during the transfer process.

What if my films have become brittle and un-viewable by projector?

Over time film tends to yellow and fade, dry out and crack and possibly disintegrate. Often, we can pre lubricate it and save it or some portions, especially on larger reels. Film stored in cabinets and drawers in climate controlled conditions often will look just like the first time it ever went through a projector. Florida Digital will look at your film when you drop it off, and in most cases can alert you to any potential problems we foresee.

Where will I get the best service and quality?

From an experienced professional, like Florida Digital with decades of experience and who utilizes the latest digital process with wide screen playback options.

Will converting to 1080 HD make my films look better?

No. It will be an almost exact copy of what is on the movie reel. Films tend to yellow. But many film reels have been stored in good environmental conditions. If so, the color richness and depth of field of well shot, in focus and well processed film will be there if it is on the original reels. 1080p will make the film transfer cover more of your new wide screen TV as opposed to a square picture more compatible with older SD TV’s.