Print Guidelines & Templates

DVD, CD & Blu-ray Disc Printing & Packaging Artwork Guidelines

The following guidelines will provide you with what you need to submit your artwork so we may process your project in the highest quality and timely manner.

  • Supported Software: Adobe CS4 [InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator]
  • Supported Image Formats: 300 dpi or greater - TIFF, EPS, JPG and PDF
  • Artwork with bleeds (overflow of color) must be created with a 1/4” of bleed extending beyond the final printed size.
  • DO NOT CLIP the inner circle on CD/DVD/Blu-ray label art. If you do, please allow 1/4" of bleed inside the inner circle for print coverage.
  • Artwork should be supplied in it's native program - DO NOT FLATTEN ARTWORK – we may need to “tweak” the file or you may have last minute changes.  If you must submit a flattened image, make sure the template is NOT DISPLAYING on the image.
  • Images must be included with submitted art.
  • Fonts must be included and be MAC compatible (include both printer and screen) or you may convert the text to outlines.
  • Images and artwork resolution must be at least 300 dpi. Low-resolution art files and/or images from the internetfiles will look pixilated when printed.
  • Color artwork MUST be submitted in CMYK color format. If submitted in RGB color format we will have to convert the file (additional costs may apply) therefore the colors may be different than what you had anticipated.  NOTE:  Computer monitors DO NOT accurately display what the actual printed colors will be.  Let your Account Rep know if you need a printed approval sample (additional charges may apply).
  • Whenever possible include a hard copy printout of your project with your artwork disk.
  • Artwork files 8 MB or less can be submitted via email to [email protected]

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or let us know if you would like us to design your artwork.


DVD / CD Label

Blu-Ray Case

DVD Bookstyle Case Insert

CD Jewel Case Insert

CD Jewel Case Tray Liner



The finishing touch for any CD, DVD or Blu-ray project is the right packaging. From concept to completion you can trust our experts to preserve and promote your corporate image, product and brand. 


  • Client Service experts help you determine the best packaging for your product and your budget
  • The graphics team will create a design specific to you and the packaging*
  • Printing for discs, cases and inserts
  • We can kit the pieces, wafer seal, shrink wrap and or box and ship
  • We also warehouse product and fulfill on demand

*Or you can take advantage of our on-line templates and printing guidelines to provide your own artwork.

Disc Printing Options

  • Black thermal text or logo imprint on silver disc
  • 1200 DPI Laser Printing for duplicated discs. This crisp imagery can easily be matched to other printed materials associated with your product
  • Multi color screen print or offset with white or silver flood for replicated discs

Professional Non Retail Packaging Products

  • White paper or cardboard window sleeves
  • Ultra slim jewel case with or without full or spot color 2-panel insert
  • White mailer with custom color labeling
  • Soft poly clamshell case

Retail Packaging Products

  • 4-color custom cardboard Quick Sleeve pocket. (Ideal for direct mailing and trade show handouts.)
  • Black vinyl full size DVD case and color cover insert
  • Standard jewel case, full color 2-panel top insert and tray liner
  • Multi disc albums or cases and color cover insert
  • Shrink-wrap or clear wafer seals

If you don’t see what you had in mind, just ask your Client Service expert for additional options.