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Infomercials, HD Files / Dubs, and 800# Customization

Already have your show ready to air?  Why Pay New York and LA Prices ?  Thousands of stations require HD files for Paid Programming!  And for those who don't we can still provide tape media and CLOSED CAPTIONING {CC}.

Florida Digital is a long term highly professional player in the customization, output and dubbing of broadcast media with deeply discounted pricing and outstanding customer service. Our initial setup fees and per dub costs are often half of what you are paying now!


Uncompressed program file, including bars, tone and slate info with matching .scc (closed captioning file)

This provides the best quality and flexibility, and usually needs to be sent on a small hard drive or flash drive.

Digital Betacam, Beta-SP, DVC Pro 25/50 Tape master setup for adding 800# and or URL (web addresses).

Output Media: All with embedded {CC} per FCC Rules



Digital Beta


MPEG 2 Program Streams SD & HD

Other Services:

We will contact the stations you have bought time on to verify their technical specifications.

FCC Required Closed Captioning Services {CC}

Drop shipping via carrier of your choice

International formats, language overdubs


Call 727-546-7900 or email [email protected] for a quote.