Multimedia Video Encoding

It seems master video files rarely end up on tape anymore and our array of post production services reflect this trend. The Internet has opened up a whole new set of platforms to both encode, compress and deliver the final product, regardless of whether the original is mastered in the 4:3 SD (standard) format, the 16:9 HD format or a hybrid mixture of the two.

Leading software programs such as Telestream Episode, Sorenson Squeeze and Apple Compressor allow us a tremendous range of options in delivering your final project files.

Quicktime, Flash, and Windows Media Video seem to be the major players in multimedia formats. Within these three formats alone there are almost limitless pixel configurations (screen sizes) and compression rates (resolution). These are usually referred to as “codecs”. Terms like Apple Pro Res and H.264 have become buzz words in an increasingly complex menu of deliverable media files.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! But if you don’t know all the “ins and outs” technically, don’t worry. We can assist in deciding the correct formatting for your needs, so your video can look its best in whatever web based or disc based application you desire.

Many Florida Digital customers have a delivery matrix which requires a variety of file types and sizes. As a premier video and multi media production specialist, Florida Digital Studios can output and produce the exact file size and codec your website, disc based application or portable device needs, including separate audio and video files where applicable.

Video capturing, compression and delivery of files can often be done through email and FTP delivery services such as You Send It and Drop Box.

DVD and Blu-ray DVD authoring is also available at Florida Digital with a wide variety of menu and navigation options.