24-Hour Drop Box - Convenient & Secure

Our 24-hour Drop of Box is a convenient and secure option for you to deliver us your tapes, films and slides on your schedule including nights and weekends.

We also have customer service reps in our office most week days. Call 727-546-7900.

  1. The dropbox is accessed through our mail slot in the lower part of our heavy-duty front door just to the right of our sign. SEE PHOTOS.
  2. Please use Ziplock-type bags and include your name and phone contact in each bag.
  3. For larger tapes such as VHS, please put no more than 3 tapes per bag. For the smaller size VHS-C you can put in 6 per bag.
  4. For smaller tapes such as 8mm and DV tapes, 12-25 per bag is fine.
  5. The box is checked every day except Sunday and the tapes put into a secure location.
  6. When we receive your tapes you will be notified by phone or text to verify the services you will be receiving.
  7. We have never lost or had a tape damaged from receiving it via our Drop Box. During our busy season, it will expedite your order.
  8. Please do NOT use the Drop Box for slides and photos, or more than 25-VHS tapes or 50 smaller size tapes.